Tea Party of Kentucky


Ten Principles

    1. America needs to return to being "One Nation Under God" and to being under the Constitution which The Founders based on Biblical Principals. We especially need to respect the First Amendment.

    2. Throughout history Socialism (the government punishing those who are productive, through taxation, and giving to those who are less productive) has never worked and it will not work now. Excessive taxation and regulation of business has caused unemployment and eventually bankruptcy of many of the governments of Europe.

    3. It is Free Enterprise with individual responsibility that made America the most prosperous nation in history.

    4. The government needs to balance its budget like every one else.

    5. The Traditional Family is the basis of all civilization. The Father and Mother have the ultimate responsibility for their children and should have the right to choose where to send their children to school, not the government (Choice in Education).

    6. The tax supported public schools should not discriminate against Christianity. We should restore to American children the right to pray, the right to see the Ten Commandments, and the right to hear a balanced presentation of Creation Science and the Theory of Evolution.

    7. The government should work for "We the People". We should not answer to them. They should answer to us.

    8. The only way for us to have peace is for America to be strong, to control our borders and to become independent of foreign oil. The armed forces are for defense, not social experiments. We need to respect the Second Amendment.

    9. All have a Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. However, there is no guarantee of equal results.

     10. We work hard for what we have and we will share it with whoever we choose. The government should not take our money for their political payoffs.

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